Ruff McThickridge

A potato chip action hero gets animated in a series of crisp GIF comic strips. We created GIF comic strips as branded content for Ruffles potato chips, distributed through the BuzzFeed Partner network. Working with media and marketing agency Ignition Factory, we turned the star of a live-action ad campaign — the mustachioed potato-chip spokesman/action hero Ruff McThickridge — into an animated web comic-book series. Rendering the Ron Burgundy-meets-McGuyver’s character in two-dimensional form, the team set about defining the illustration style and animating the GIF-embedded panels in a series of five snack-sized stories that drew on the nostalgia of classic comics and ’70s-era buddy cop TV shows. Distributed as native advertising on BuzzFeed, each of the strips were designed to go viral, with outlandish storylines ranging from a chip-stealing psycho at a skateboarding art camp to a vroom- and kaboom-filled face-off with a land pirate.

Date: 2013
Client: Frito-Lay
Role: Creative Director & Lead Animator
Agency: Doubleday & Cartwright