Comedy Central - Key & Peele

Promos for Season 4: A full length music video along with four 15 second On-Air TV promos.

Comedy Central challenged us, as a wild card in the pitch for the Season 4 promos for Key & Peele, to come up with something cooler & edgier than what they were getting from the current pitches. I wanted to recreate the Wu-Tang "Triumph" music video, the video is a corny mix of low budget CGI & all of the Wu's members assembling on a roof top in New York. So we swapped Wu members for all the different (fan favorite) characters of the Key & Peele universe. Instead of the corny CGI, treat the Visual FX with a comic book style. Key & Peele had written the track, from the POV of Obama and Luther, within a few weeks of my pitch. We used the Bat(man) symbol motif to tie it all together, so we could connect it to the 15 second promos. Using the track as a call to action for the individual characters to come back and join up for the new season. We recorded the track and released it on iTunes & Spotify. I developed a Wu-inspired logo and type treatments for the campaign that eventually were toned down to avoid Comedy Central from getting sued.

Date: 2014
Client: Comedy Central
Role: Creative Director, Designer, Technical Director & Compositing/Animation
Agency: Doubleday & Cartwright