Red Bull - Brooklyn's Got Wings

A campaign displayed in and around the Barclays Center, to introduce a new partnership between Red Bull and the Brooklyn Nets. The "Brooklyn's Got Wings" logo would also carry forward as a symbol of Red Bull's commitment to improving community ball courts in the surrounding neighborhoods’ public parks.

Beginning underground in the Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center station, rising up to the steel-loop oculus that welcomes crowds to Barclays Center and into the arena, we punched up the high-contrast aesthetic of the Nets with a touch of Red Bull color for this comprehensive street-to-seat campaign. After staging a still and motion black-and-white photography shoot with point guard Deron Williams alone on the court, we created graphically striking posters for the subway ad takeover and a series of cinematic videos to show the beauty, action and energy of the game. Additionally, we were among the first creative teams to produce content for the ribbon-like LED displays that stream through the oculus, visible to all the passerbys and the traffic at the busy intersection of Flatbush & Atlantic.

Date: 2013
Client: Red Bull
Role: Creative Director, Designer & Animator
Agency: Doubleday & Cartwright