Google - Year In Search

Every year, Google releases a Year in Search film that looks back on the people, topics, events and places that captured the world's attention. This is a heartfelt two minute review of the biggest topics of 2015 as seen through Google searches.

Set to a voiceover of Caitlyn Jenner's acceptance speech for the Arthur Ashe award during the ESPYs, we pulled together the years most searched questions like "How can I help the refugees," "Why can't women be army rangers" and "How can we overcome prejudice," alongside news coverage and footage of the stories and people we wondered about most in 2015. Among them are "the dress," Cecil the Lion, the late Stuart Scott, David Letterman's sign-off, the final scene of "Mad Men" and the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of marriage equality across the U.S.

Primetime Emmy nominated for Outstanding Commercial.

ADC - Silver Pencil
2016 Design: Consumer - Broadcast & Moving Image / Short Films & Videos

ADC - Bronze Pencil
2016 Film: Consumer - Cinema Advertising / Over 90 Seconds (Long Form) - Single

ADC - Merit
2016 Film: Consumer - Television / Over 60 Second - Single

Original upload via: Youtube

Date: 2015
Client: Google
Role: Creative Director
Agency: 72andSunny